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Automating Sales Leads

The Buying Process Deconstructed

Timing is everything.

Making a decision to buy something is different depending on what you may be buying. Generally the higher the price ticket the more advanced is the buying process.
It’s easy to decide to buy milk or bread because one doesn’t use much brain power.

But buying a motor car, a house or considering home renovations or planning a children’s birthday party all take a little more brain power and sometimes time. Having clarity on what the alternatives are, what the costs involved are, will be factors for the buyer to consider.
Some purchases are even dependant on another purchase being successful. One doesn’t order the birthday pony for a toddlers birthday party unless you are able to secure the venue that can handle the pony. Similarly one won’t get a home inspection done until your offer to purchase the property has been accepted, and you may not need the new motor car unless you qualify for the finance.
Decisions about the car, the home inspection or the pony will be dependant on other factors. Suspensive conditions if you must.
So for sellers of goods and services the key to making the sale is to tailor your pitch to the the stage that the buyer has reached in the buying process. Identifying where the sellers mindset is, is crucial to understanding what information the buyer needs in order to make the sale and improve your conversion rate.
Trying to close before the buyers need is properly established is just annoying to the buyer. And providing the buyer with further information when the buyer ready to buy is equally annoying.
Sales is a process.
There are steps to this process.
And much of the sales process can be automated.

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