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10 steps to online marketing success

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Step 1. Know Thyself (and Your Target Audience).

Establish your vision, and be clear on your mission and values. Be specific and focus on an intentional audience. Articulate your driving force with a clear strapline.

Step 2. Productise Your Services

If you sell services you need to productise them to allow for offers that are easily deliverable.

Step 3. Build Sales Processes

uild a sales process that is based on authority, credibility, and trust through consistent online marketing efforts

Step 4. Create a Content Strategy and Plan

Creating engaging and thought provoking content that adds focusses on your audiences needs. Learn how to use AI to improve on your content generation.

Step 5. Optimise Your Website

Your website is the main lifter in your online marketing efforts. Improve your website's user experience, search ranking, and conversion ratio.

Step 6. Use Social Media Marketing

Utilize social media platforms to engage with your audience and promote your content and ultimately drive traffic to your website.

Step 7. Leverage Paid Advertising

Reach specific target audiences fast. Drive traffic to your website.

Step 8. Leverage Your Database with Email Marketing

Nurture leads and build customer loyalty. Automate business processes.

Step 9. Adjust Strategy Based on Data Driven Insights

Measure and optimise your marketing efforts.. Adjust your strategies based on data driven results.

Step 10. Leverage and Collaborate

Engage with other content producers. Write press releases, join podcasts and handle media inquiries.

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