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Plan & Build Remote Work Systems

We successfully transitioned to a Digital First – Physically Enhanced business over 13 years ago.

Some business fail to transform successfully. the successful ones retains Creative Control. Let us show you how.

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Converting to Digital First - Physically Enhanced Business

Converting a physical business to a online business is essential for survival. The shift towards an Online Presence is massive

But making the transition tough decision for retailers and knowledge workers.

We have over 12 years of experience. Everything changes. 

Let’s Connect and make the path smoother for you. This process starts with a chat.

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The Secrets of Successful Remote Work
No remote worker misses the twice daily commute.Remote workers appreciate the freedom to schedule their productive hours and activities.

But the process can be difficult unless you retain Creative Control
Remote Work should be a win win situation for worker and organisation.
Creative Control

Tools to Make Remote Work Better

Zoho campaigns
Email marketing

Enjoy quoting capacity and autoresponders. business automations included.

Google Workspace
Co-operative software
Shared spreadsheets, Documents, Presentations Whiteboards, Online Meetings, Email and More
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Project Management

Remote work requires a different outlook when it comes to managing projects. We have experience in setting up free project management online solutions. 

Healthy organisations get to tap into the creativity of the entire team.
Keeping you online - Cost effectively

Hosting Your Digital First - Physically Enhanced Business

Fast SSD hosting for your websites. Domain Registration. Cpanel Access

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Fast SSD Website Hosting

Control your web hosting on fast Solid State Servers. Cpanel access puts you in charge. Need help? We have you covered.

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Domain Purchases

Buy Local and International Domains. All automagically. Be globally connected at the best prices.

The Next evolution of the Business card

Let's Connect NFD Smart Business Card

Your Let’s Connect card saves you Money, Saves you time

NFC business card
Digital Let's Connect Business Cards

Transfer your contact details to almost any smart phone with a quick tap of the Let’s Connect card. 

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The Online Marketer Factory - The Tools of Your Presence

Let’s Connect your Communities. 

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e-Commerce Shops

E-commerce has been one of the huge winners post the CoVid pandemic. Target your niche for success.

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Lead Generation Machines

Websites should generate leads and turn them into prospects. Create an evergreen customer generating machine.

Online Academies

The Online component for your blended learning initiatives and must have internal training academies for remote workers.

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Tourism Hospitality Booking Systems

Create an integrates website and booking system for your Tourism Business that Integrates with AirBnB and and many other channels

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Membership Websites

For Professional Institutes, Churches or Social Organisations. We have a solution that will suit your needs.

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Real Estate or Car Dealerships

We have the tech and designs for these types of websites ready to be switched on. Let’s connect and discuss your needs.

Measuring - Promoting & Maintaining your presence

Promoting Your Online Presence

It takes concerted effort to make sure your connections grow online. Planning to succeed means investing the time and effort.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Structuring your online content is important to get generic results. It takes time and effort but the results are evergreen.

marketing automation - email marketing
Local Online Marketing

If you selling globally, nationally or locally it matters how you approach it. For local online marketing solutions that matter contact us today.

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Online Advertising

Also known as Search Engine Marketing. We can make your Google or Facebook / Instagram ads sing. 

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