Micro business solution for Denaz Rottweilers

Denaz Rottweilers benefit from websites

Lead generation

Your business doesn’t have to be a massive organisation to benefit from an lead generating strategy. Here’s an example of how a simple website and a pay per click campaign allowed this dog breeder to sell his puppies at a premium.

A chance conversation with the breeder revealed that he has an unexpectedly large litter of thirteen puppies and he was worried about the ability to sell them all. One of the reasons was that the kennel is situated in East London, South Africa and he felt that there wouldn’t be a large enough market for high quality Rottweilers unless he sold them at a reduced price.

A consultation with The Online Marketer resulted in a far better solution for the breeder. We created a basic website and a Google pay per click campaign. So the dogs were priced at R7000 each which allowed them to be transported to Johannesburg at under the R8000 going rate. The breeder was going to sell the dogs in the local market at R3500. So in this case the breeder was able to sell his dogs at the market rate and realise a higher profit.

So at The Online Marketer we use our experience to provide value added solutions for your business. We are so much more than web developers.

Contact Kirsten to arrange a consultation to see how we can help you generate leads for your business.

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