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Why do online academies make good business sense

Remote learning is challenging

Today I sat in on an online meeting where the manager was venting about complacency within his team . His concern was that team members were not following prescribed procedures and using online resources.

It was evident that he felt that team members had not taken the time and effort to absorb critical information that enabled them to produce outputs that were up to the companies standard.

The managers frustration stemmed from his commitment to create supporting information and training together with online resources to allow his team to shine. But the team had not made the effort to assimilate and apply the information. 

This training by and large happened online in the weekly team meeting. Of course a lot of information was imparted and some of the team members didn’t quite understand or were overwhelmed by the magnitude of info.

You can lead a horse to water but…

Managing an online team has its challenges.  You need to be able to train teams, impart information and of course test for recognition. This is easily accomplished when team members are in close proximity. One only has to ask questions in a one on one situation that will quickly show if the team member has grasped the critical information. 

But when dealing with remote workers this is not always the case. It’s an art and a skill to get remote workers to participate in zoom meetings and it is very difficult and time consuming to test if team members have taken in the information. It also van make for a boring meeting for other team members who grasp the information more easily.

Thats why an online academy is so essential.

Team training can easily be created. Recording a zoom meeting will create content for a training module. This video can be uploaded to an online academy and a quick quiz about the subject matter can be created which will allow the manager to determine if the team members have absorbed the information. 

The beauty of this internal academy system is that the training is always available and new team members can be put through an induction process by being directed to watch video 1,3 8 and 22 and answer the related questions to quickly bring them up to speed.  

This resource allows managers and owners to become more efficient and more profitable sooner.

Internal academies are not terribly expensive and all remote teams can benefit. 

What is your organisation doing to promote your remote corporate culture?

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