So what are your strengths... as others see it? 2

So what are your strengths… as others see it?

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I’ve just been endorsed on LinkedIn for copywriting. In fact the majority of endorsements I have received on this platform have been for copywriting.  That’s pretty awesome because I consider myself an average copywriter at best. If you had to ask me what my best skills were, copywriting wouldn’t even get a mention. 

In fact my grammar teacher would have an aneurism if she knew and Jenny, an old friend, and sometimes proof reader, would have a great chuckle. To be perfectly honest a number of readers of my online blogs and those that used to read a paper based magazine I used to publish, sometimes edit and even write for, would howl with laughter. 
Despite this self deprecating stance, some people who I rate very highly, like the ex director of Johnson and Johnson in Sub Saharan Africa think otherwise.
So after that sort of name dropping I should come to my point.
People’s perceptions and your reality don’t necessarily dovetail. 
In my case the reason why people have endorsed me is because I write. More people are aware of my copywriting than they are aware of my facilitation work, my strategy work, my passion for productivity hacks, systemising business processes and my passion for embracing the web to increase business leads. Because they know and trust me as a writer they are willing to endorse me. 
So just maybe I need to write about these other passions as well.
Are you scared of writing? Tell me about your experiences and fears. You need to get over this fear because content on your online site will determine your future success.


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