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main-bannerBack in the day we would take our company brochure to our web designer and we would tell them to turn it into a website. One would have a good laugh these days if we think back to those times. These days, Google favours websites that are full of new, original content. When we look for a product or service on the internet, we do not necessarily know the names of the companies that offer these services. We would merely just type into Google “Restaurants” and most times followed by the location you are in such as “East London”. This, unfortunately, is where business’s fail.

The Online Marketer, which is based in East London South Africa, specialises in website design and development. We are known for getting our clients onto the front page of Google for their products or services, using keywords specially researched by us, and because of this, our clients get up to 20% and above more leads to their business. We mainly concentrate on web design in East London, we have however, serviced companies throughout South Africa, Europe and Australia. The world really is a small place these days.

Web design in East London is the core of our business, but as new technology and communication tools have changed, we now assist our clients with a online marketing strategy for their business as a whole. The Online Marketer also runs a popular Googlicious Seminar which has been attended by web designers, web developers, copy writers and owners of business’s throughout South Africa. People that have attended the Googlicious seminar have been have recently done copywriting for websites as well as web development for some of South Africa’s top business’s.

The Online Marketer now have a personal team who have been trained using these techniques to create some of the best top performing websites that rank well on Google, as well as online marketing campaigns. We have seen hundreds of companies develop through our advertising campaigns and have spent the last few years focusing solely on the online environment.

Using The Online Marketer will put you in amongst the top performers in your markets. Our internet marketing consultancy is current and up to date with the worlds best standards. You cannot be better advised.

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