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e-Books are the number one free gift that content marketers use to to gain more prospects

e-Books are the hook, the ethical bribe or lead magnet if you like,  that induces your prospects to sign up onto your database.

Gathering prospects to your database is probably one of the best marketing tactics you can employ. 

If handled correctly you can use this opportunity to maintain interest and convert sales.

Ebook creation can be overwhelming. Not only do you need to write the content, but you also need to design and format your content into a professional-looking ebook that people will be eager to download.


You could write the copy yourself or you could ask us to do it for you. A good e-Book will have a selection of well written text and photos to support it. 

Copywriting costs around R2.70 a word or $0.22

An eBook can have anything from 1000 words to 10 000 words. Let’s discuss your budget and fashion something to please you.

Editing costs around half of copywriting costs.

Formatting and layout

Formatting your e-Book costs depend on your requirements. Time is the factor here. For simple options you could be looking at around R1500 to R2500 or $165

Website Copy

For general interest web copy written with SEO in mind you will look at around R2.50 a word. If the writing is technical and needs extra research then maybe that will rise to as much as  R3.00 a word. 

Page formatting

Formatting the page and adding free web based images will cost around R500 to R1000 if you have special requirements.

Typically our clients have pre formatted templates and it is really a case of dropping copy in. For that we charge R150.00.



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Tools for Promotion

Tools for promotion are vital for online success, Talk to us about your budget and your needs. Let’s see if we can let them align or at least put together a plan of action to achieve your goals.
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