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My name is Mike Hendrikse and I am known as the online marketer. I’ve been in marketing all my life.

As an early adopter of technology, and I was concerned that most small businesses were not taking advantage of the online opportunities that become available to them. I witnessed long-standing businesses fail, using the excuse that the economy was bad when it was very obvious to me that it was not so much the economic slowdown as shifts in the way people were doing business.

I made it my ongoing life’s mission to find out what online strategies work best to drive business to bricks and mortar businesses. As a result, I created a series of live workshops where I was able to spread this good news. A healthy response included requests for building websites, social media strategies etc and so The Online Marketer was born.

So beside the tools of the trade, we made it our business to be at the leading edge of developing strategies to advance business opportunities in this changing world.  Nobody could have prepared us for the 2010 pandemic and the accelerated change that would follow. This change provided the catalyst to advance our services.

Mike Hendrikse’s working history

My formal working experience started in the liquor industry in the 1980’s where I was trained in a retail environment, after which I quickly progressed to the provincial manager for a major importer and wholesaler of some very big brands such as Bell’s and Jameson’ Whisky.  Fortunately changes in marketing arrangements with the brand holders (they established an SA presence themselves in post-apartheid South Africa) I found myself looking for a job. (I didn’t think I was fortunate at the time).

A very successful FMCG career followed a steep learning curve before I was lured into the formal public relations and marketing fields.

I have hosted a radio program on wine, have had the honor of being a guest judge at the South African National Wine Show. Now I drink plonk like the rest of us and occasionally get spoilt with some of the good stuff. most of my friends have forgotten about this chapter in my life and no longer feel threatened when buying me a bottle of wine as a gift. (I prefer wine to socks or ties).

I have organised many events and helped launch schools that Nelson Mandela convinced industry to build. Sounds simple, but try to put on a five-course lunch for dignitaries in a rural area with no electricity, no running water, and zero infrastructure.

My team and I coordinated the Eastern Cape Provincial Governments participation in the World Summit for Sustainable development, including managing 93 delegates participation in the various workshops, finding accommodation, transport and erecting a 300sq meter exhibition stand all in a  three week period. I have a reputation for making things happen.

I published a business magazine for nearly ten years and a newspaper aimed at the South African film industry. My experiences here led me to realise first hand, that print media is a declining medium which is being replaced by online options. I made it my business to understand the skills and knowledge to compete in this environment.

I played a leading role in establishing HouseCheck as South Africa’s leading home inspection company and served as its CEO for a number of years. Now I am instrumental in pushing the boundaries of what is possible in integrating physical POS and online business solutions.  This is the major trend post the 2020 pandemic and we are delighted to be at the forefront in this new digital first physically enhanced world.

I am a resourceful and skilled facilitator and have helped many organisations develop their strategic marketing plans.

Value-added service

I have a passion for what I do and love it when a plan comes together. I believe in thinking strategically and operating through defined workflow processes. I believe that entrepreneurs should work on their businesses and not in them.

To this end, I support my online marketer clients with tutorials and member area training video’s where appropriate. This online training is an extension of my workshops and has become a value-add for the online marketing clients.

An effective web presence is a result of intensive research, analysis, and planning and does not come about by a group of layman’s opinions. However, you will always find a web designer who will give you only what you want.

My question is will you ever know what you could have had?

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