Why should I use The Online Marketer?

We want you to construct your website so that you have a chance of being found on the front page of search engine results pages (SERPS). This does not happen by accident. It happens through careful planning and because of our experience, knowledge and approach we construct website differently.

The Online Marketer web design service was born out of our consulting on strategic marketing and not the other way around. We realised most websites were not constructed for results. Our main business remains education.

1. Provide what people are looking for.man-searching1

For every client we are able to tell whether or not there is an online demand for the products and services your business is offering. That means we negate the need to spend time and effort marketing products where there is insufficient demand or where there is too much demand and you don’t have much chance of getting noticed. So we are able to help you refine your ideas or help you package them correctly for the existing demand on the net. Isn’t it a lot easier to sell something that people want?

2. Search Engine Optimisation requirements.Standard_Building_Blocks_4

Search engines view sites differently to the way you do. They don’t “see” pictures the same way as you do and they want to understand what your site is about. Our skilled developers build your site with this in mind. All our sites are loved by Google Bots. Most “designers” don’t even know what I’m talking about.

iPhone-4-White-icon3. Go for mobile.

The templates we use and the way we construct your site allows it to scale for iPad and smart phone browsers, so your content looks great, whatever format you view it in.

grab attention4. Grab attention.

You need to know what a web page is offering. If you are wanting to get noticed we have the ability to make sure people know what to do once on your site. They won’t ever hang around and get lost. There will be a logical path for them to follow. Websites are not like magazines with a beginning, middle and end. Many people will land up in the middle of your site and you need to hold their attention and take action. There is nothing like great content to make your website loved by the search engines.

5. Play the game.256

Getting onto the front page of search engine result pages (SERPS) is a competition. There is no secret sauce. You need a game plan and you need to play the game. All our clients get access to online training video’s of how to play the game. This knowledge which forms part of our core business comes to you absolutely free for six months after your site has been built.

6. Don’t shout – engage.icon-corporate-and-hospitality-sales

We have all been taught to shout with our advertising. Tell everyone what we do and how we do it. TV, radio and print advertising is all about shouting, but the internet has different rules. Here we engage using four new principles of transparency, sharing, collaborating and empowering. All of The Online Marketer clients engage with their audience and so should you.

In addition to the above, you as an Online Marketer Client get:

  1. Six months free access to The Online Marketer’s Club membership to the value of $100 where you will learn the principles needed to reach the front page of SERPS.
  2. Subscribe to our weekly tips for enhancing your online presence.
  3. Have access to training video’s showing you how to upload new pages, video’s and pictures to your website on your own.
  4. Get preferential rates for our strategic online marketing seminars.

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