What you need to know about your website? 2

What you need to know about your website?

Websites come in all shapes and sizes. Some are well planned and some are just plain terrible. Some of the best looking can also be the worst performing sites. It reminds me of a great looking guy that dated my daughter many years back that we were all pleased to see the back of. The outer shell is not always a reflection of the inner being.

What do you mean?

You need to decide how you judge your website. What do you need it to do? For most people, their websites need to give them more customers.

That means that your website needs to be found on the search engines (Google, Bing etc). Some of the most visually appealing websites just never get seen because their content doesn’t appeal to the search engines and your website may never be delivered onto the front page of the search engine results pages. That’s just sad and a complete waste of money.

It may be difficult to get one’s head around this concept, but with proper research and planning, your website can be found on search engine results pages and you will benefit by having more traffic to your site.

Having traffic however, doesn’t necessarily transform into sales. Your landing pages on your website need to inspire action. That action may be to call you, or sign up for a free report or e-Book or fill in a quote request form. Inspired action comes from good copywriting. Good copywriting is a science with liberal dashes of art. Copy needs to be tested and honed and different landing pages need to be compared with each other for best results.

Your copy also needs to meet the criteria that Googles algorithm recognises.  Google take into account their better semantic capability and your intent when delivering search results. Google is now looking at virtually every word in a search query in order to understand what is required rather than narrow and exact keyword phrases.

This new algorithm is far more suited to voice questions (such as those addressed on mobile phones) and to Googles new products like Google Glass where there is no keyboard input. Hummingbird has hugely improved contextual analysis. So a search query like “where is the closest FNB ATM” or “What coffee shops can you recommend in this vicinity” will probably deliver the results you require.

Keeping up with changes in search engines is very important for your online presence.

We would love to talk to you about the tweaks you need in order to take advantage of the many online opportunities that the web offers your business.

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