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Digital First but physically enhanced business

What does digital first but physically enhanced businesses mean

Exploring the Intersection of Online and Offline Strategies for Optimal Growth and Engagement

Maximizing Success in the Digital Age: How Physical Enhancements Can Benefit Your Digital First Business

Digital first, physically enhanced products and services are those that are primarily accessed or experienced through a digital interface, but also include some physical components or enhancements. These products and services seek to combine the convenience and accessibility of digital experiences with the tangible benefits of physical ones.

One example of a digital first, physically enhanced retail store is one that allows customers to browse and purchase products online, but also offers in-store experiences such as product demonstrations, personalized assistance from sales associates, and events or workshops. In this case, the digital aspect of the store makes it easy for customers to shop from anywhere and at any time, while the physical enhancements provide a more immersive and interactive shopping experience.

Another example of a digital first, physically enhanced product or service is a fitness company that offers online workout videos and tracking tools, but also holds in-person fitness classes or provides access to physical workout equipment. This allows customers to get a comprehensive workout program that fits their schedules and preferences, whether they prefer to exercise at home or in a gym.

Gaming companies are also adopting the digital first, physically enhanced model. Customers can play games online, but can also purchase physical copies of the games or merchandise related to the games. This allows gamers to enjoy the convenience of digital gaming while also collecting physical copies of their favorite titles or showing off their fandom with merchandise.

In conclusion, digital first, physically enhanced products and services offer a balance between the convenience and accessibility of digital experiences and the tangible benefits of physical ones. Whether you’re shopping, working out, or gaming, there are likely options available that combine the best of both worlds.

So how did this change come about

A while back all businesses had a physical presence first and in some cases this was supplemented by digital presences. However the big growth has been in digital led businesses and now there appears to be a push back to physical experiences.

Those businesses who are able to mix both experiences into meaningful value for customers are really benefitting from the process. We see this in various examples:

  1. Gymshark is a digital business that has established physical customer experiences through events and now even with High Street premises.
  2. We see educational institutions delivering learning material primarily through online platforms and supplementing this with physical seminars and workshops.
  3. Amazon are creating physical whole food stores to complement their online offering.
Regardless what industry you are in there are valuable and exciting opportunities for businesses to use both the digital and physical spheres to enhance their customer experiences.

The Online marketer has teams skilled in these processes and are able to guide you through your digital first but physically enhanced business journey.

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Digitally First But Physically Enhanced Business

The Online Business Model has usurped the Physical Business Presence as the primary business presence. Physical businesses now support the online versions.

This transitioning has been fraught with difficulty but has been terribly exciting. Successful transients are alive with possibilities…

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