Website Evaluation

Let your potential clients find your product or service.

If your website is not featuring on the front page of Google, therefore not delivering you sales, then it is highly recommend that we evaluate your website. The purpose of a website is to let potential clients find the service or product that you are offering. Gone are the days where we take a brochure and turn it into a 3 page website. Your website needs to be found.

Through evaluation, we will give you top recommendations of what is wrong with your sites pages and recommend ways to make navigation through your site a whole lot easier.

We will give you suggestions on how to integrate social media into your website We will also give you a full list of all of the back links that are destroying your sites page rank as well as an evaluation on your pages text.

Top Recommendations Include:

  • Evaluate current website.
  • Top recommendations of improvements we can make to your website.
  • Tips on making navigation throughout website simpler and easier for users.
  • Suggestions for integrating social media into your website and advertising.
  • Full list of bad back links that are destroying your site.
  • Evaluation on current pages text.

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