Website Development and Design

Without traffic your website s irrelevant. People have to find your site and then find that your are offering something valuable before you can engage them as customers.

  • We know why 95% of websites fail to draw traffic.
  • Our web development planning takes into account the latest trends and algorithms. We pitch for your success.
  • Our responsive web designs change according to the different devices people use to access the internet. Your website looks as good on a computer as on a cellphone.

Responsive websites

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Most websites are designed and evaluated by how they look. And although this is an important criteria the true measure of a website is whether it delivers business leads. 

  • If you search on the internet for the type of goods and services your company offers, you need to find your website on the first page of that search.
  • You need to know what people are searching for on the internet. You will be amazed at the difference in number of people searching for short sleeve shirts and those who are searching for T-Shirts. Knowing this can make a huge difference to the number of business leads you get.
  • More than 40% of website traffic last year came from mobile devices (Tablets and mobile phones) so your website needs to look great no matter what device you use to access the internet.

Website Development Planning

At The Online Marketer effective websites respond to online demand. This comes about after research into internet trends. Then the content has to respond to existing demand. The structure of the website backend has to be created in a format that is recognised and loved by the search engines. The website needs to be laid out in a logical and easy to follow format for the human eye and brain.

Only then do you have a chance of competing for a front page position in search engine results. But thats only the start because the following factors can also determine your success in search engine results.

  • The proximity of the searcher to your business.
  • The searchers interests and web browsing history.
  • The search engine they use. (Google, Bing etc)

When you have the web searchers attention you need to guide them to take certain actions such as call you, sign up for more information on the site or send you an enquiry form.

At The Online Marketer our team are well versed with these challenges and we are there to advise you on a practical and cost effective way forward.

Industries we serve

Our international client portfolio shows that we serve all industries, business models and organisation size. These are some of the examples of the industries we serve.


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