Using Online Marketing to Boost Regular Business – Online Case Study

The Brunch BarEvery business wants more profitable sales. Look how this take away business benefitted from an online sales strategy combined with real world action. The Online Marketer had a  solution for this forward thinking client.

Faced with stiff competition a mere 100 meters from their door, the Brunch Bar Take Aways had to think of innovative ways to boost their profitability and their turnover.

Brunch Bar serves predominantly blue-collar workers and laborers who work in the immediate vicinity. The average spend is pretty low and they rely on high traffic to make the business work.

Payday is bonus day for The Brunch Bar, but they needed a “blue ocean” strategy to find a new market without compromising their existing trade. The concept of blue ocean strategy means that one seeks new markets or redefines markets to add to your turnover and bottom line.

The Online Marketer had a solution.

Like all take away businesses, staff costs account for the greatest expenditure. At Brunch Bar average meal prices are nearly half the prices demanded by the major franchises. Turnover rockets over the morning tea break and lunchtimes. The business delivers within a few km radius by means runners on a bicycle.

The challenge here was to find a captive market that would pay more for meals or buy up and also place their orders in good time to allow Brunch Bar takeaways to schedule deliveries.

In stepped The Online Marketer with an elegant technology solution. We created a two page website. One page carries an extensive menu of their products and the other carries the daily specials. Of course we integrated a bit of technology that allows customers to sign up to receive alerts of the daily specials.

We linked up the client with an application on his BlackBerry, with which allows him to take a picture of his daily specials on his phone. He adds in the price and any promotional comments, which he uploads to his website page via his phone. He needs no computer, no expensive hardware and is empowered to make exciting changes to his business.

Technology lends a helping hand once again because we take whatever he posts to the site and automatically send an email alert to all subscribers to the website.

So we have a daily email going to many office workers in the area and they are loving the service and attention they are receiving.

Technology is saving the owners time and effort and they are supporting their clients in a far more effective manner.

Of course to promote this service we designed some flyers for their delivery guys to distribute. We also incorporated Quick Response Codes onto the form for those with smart phones who are used to that technology…

A turnover boosting strategy that has greatly boosted this take away business.

So you can see that The Online Marketer goes the extra mile to build business solutions that benefit you.

Contact Kirsten to arrange a consultation to discuss your business needs. You may be surprised by what can do for you.


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