Using Evernote to plan weddings & events

I’m a productivity nut and I simply love Evernote, a free app for any of your devices, which allows you to save and recall information on any of your devices at will.

Evernote shines when you are able to create a structure to suit your workflows. Here we discuss how to use Evernote when planning events.

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You can grab a free copy of Evernote here. Evernote can be used on all your devices and effortlessly sync’s across two devices with the free version and more than that if you take the premium version. Personally, I use the premium version because of the extra features but the free version will suffice for most people.


If you register with my link and upgrade at a later stage I’ll earn a measly 25% of your fee. But hey it’s beer money and not to be scoffed at.

Here is that link to sign up for the free or paid versions again.

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