The progress paradox - The third phase 2

The progress paradox – The third phase

We fear what we don’t know about. We fear change. We don’t like doing things differently.

Humans are amazing creatures. We love our comfort zones. Growth only occurs when we leave our comfort zones. For the majority of us, we only leave our comfort zones when the pain of staying where we are exceeds the pain of changing.

Comfort zone vs. growth

Since the advent of the internet, we have been forced to consider promoting ourselves on the internet through creating websites, directory listings and using social media to create some sort of online presence.

Many businesses are finding that the returns are not as expected. The thing about the internet is that we are only as good as our Google rankings and the sad thing is that our Google rankings are the result of a competition. As more and more people join this competition we just have to get better and better at promoting ourselves or else we slip down the rankings.

Achieving a good Google ranking depends on the following:

  1. Having a decent online strategy tailored to the industry in which you compete.
  2. Having an operational plan which you implement.
  3. Allocating resources to online promotion.
  4. Measuring results.

The great thing about online promotion is that you should be able to measure your success or lack of it if you’ve invested just a little time and effort track meaningful results.

The other great thing about online promotion is that it can provide a mechanism to develop relationships with current and potential clients.

Our research amongst existing clients shows that those with effective relationship building processes within their online promotion are benefitting much more than those without.

It’s time to start competing online.

Let us show you how.

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