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It’s widely acknowledged that the mechanic doesn’t always look after his own car as well as he does his customers car.  We get caught up in the minutiae of the day and our hours are spent serving our clients and we never give as much love to our own business. At that point things can start slipping through the cracks.

Naturally you expect that we follow our own advice and implement our core philosophies of automation, efficiency and connection.

Our digital world has therefore come in for a bit of an overall.

We have just completed transferring all our hosted clients to new SSD servers allowing for faster and more efficient hosting whilst maintaining the same price point as before. This is despite some pretty huge losses in exchange rates since we started hosting some 12 years ago. 

Hosting actually consists of three main areas,  the server side cloud hosting of your websites, the domain registration and domain management and finally the many layers of administration required to make this happen as seamless as possible.

In order to maximise efficiency over all these areas we have introduced a new automated billing system. One that will remind you when payments are due, automatically invoice you for your domain registration and website hosting when the hosting becomes due and also  to follow up on overdue payments. Administration is costly and there has been a disconnect between expectations and reality of invoicing. In many cases we didn’t suspend accounts when we should have and that meant that domain registrars billed additional fees for domains that went into closed redemption periods. This turned out to be a healthy whack for .com domains. 

So all these processes are now handled automatically and therefore instances of failure can be remedied before they cost a lot.

In addition, The Online Marketer now also offers the option of paying for your services by bank card and these charges are automatically linked to buttons in your invoices if this payment method is more convenient for you. For those that pay by bank transfer, we now have new bank account details for you to load into your payment system. This detail is  to be found in your new invoices going forward.

We’ve always believed in prompt payments as that is what allows us to function at optimum levels. With these new options it makes it easier for you to do so.
Your Own Hosting accounts with CPanel HostingFrom now on clients will be able to access their CPanel hosting portals themselves. It effectively hands as much control to yourselves as you may wish to have to manage and host your websites and emails. 

Email us at to get your login details.

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