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Finding your voice – Having a consistent voice is a product of strategic thinking. Do your customers, your staff and your management team all have the same idea of what it is that your organisation does?

Are you relevant? 1

Are you relevant?

Marketing Trends Are you still relevant? Is your business still relevant? Times have changed. Consider this. Remember Betamax and VHS? Do you still use DVDs or CD’s?.When last did you visit the post office?When last did you use a pay phone?When last did you consult your telephone book? Irrelevance is the biggest threat to your …

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The Numbers Game 5

The Numbers Game

I’m often confronted with business owners who are concerned about their profitability or the sustainability of their business.  Small business owners in particular are bogged down with legal requirements, staff management and allocation of scarce resources that they find themselves becoming task mangers rather than being the visionary entrepreneurs that they set out to be …

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Why do small businesses feel strange about asking for payment?

At our Online Marketing Agency we work hard for our clients. We are meticulous about our research which adds enormous value to the effectiveness of our clients websites and online marketing campaigns. We compete with graphic designers who produce visually appealing sites but who never stand a chance in hell of being found on Google. …

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