Stalk your clients – Should you?

Is stalking creepy? Normally yes.

But when you use technology to target people who have previously shown an interest in your website and then display an ad to them. It’s genius!

This is known as Remarketing.

At The Online Marketer we can set up a remarketing campaign for you that does just that.

Here is how it works in action. Say I’m interested in buying a new home. I do a search for properties for sale in my area and I stumble across the home inspection website, Now assuming I’ve never heard of home inspections before, I briefly browse the site and think this may be a good idea. I make a mental note to investigate further. We can target all visitors to your site, or visitors that follow specific actions, such as visiting a certain page or fill in a certain form on your site. Or we can target people that spend a certain amount of time on your site.

But I get distracted, I carry on with my life and don’t think of revisiting the site again.

But as HouseCheck uses remarketing as part of its advertising strategy, I happen to see their ads showing when I visit the property24 website or when I’m checking on the latest rugby news at This also coincides with me finding the property I am keen to buy.

Placing ads in front of people when they are ready to buy makes a huge difference to your conversion rate. It sparks my memory and I click on the ad after being enticed by its call to action.

Is this stalking? Some may think so. I think it’s genius.

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Remarketing Campaign Les Chouettes
A remarketing ad for one of our clients


Remarketing Campaign HouseCheck
A remarketing ad for one of our clients
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