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Website SEO Maintenance for Search Engine Rankings

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Why Your CMS (Content Management System) Website Is Killing You!

Doesn’t it make you feel ill to know that your website doesn’t appear on page one of the search engine results pages (serp) when you type your products or services into Google or Bing?  Aren’t you sick and tired of paying hosting fees for your website and you get no results?  Don’t you feel that you could be doing better?

The truth is you have to work on it

Google alone made over 3000 changes to their algorythm last year. They are constantly trying to get better at finding brilliant easy to read content. All you have to do is supply the content. However being proficient at using spreadsheets does not make you an accountant, knowing what Google does does not make one a search engine optimisation (SEO) specialist.

Typically websites that attract website traffic are:

  1. 1. Are well structured and deliver results quickly.
  2. 2. These websites have creative and engaging content planned for existing searches on the web.
  3. 3. These websites are easy to navigate and provide answers to peoples problems or desires.
  4. 4. Other people love these websites as well.

SEO takes skill, knowledge, effort and time.

Knowing what to do and how to do it is the first requirement for successful SEO. At The Online Marketer we have simplified the process for our clients by adding tools to assist you to structure your content according to known SEO criteria. So there is a real opportunity for you to “do it yourself” with a little assistance.

Our basic support package is therefore structured for those who recognise the importance of creating new content and styling it correctly. In this package we give you the roadmap and provide the basic support systems. As long as your contract runs we will provide you with analysis of your progress, suggest content to add because of existing demand and let you use some of our professional plugins to allow you to optimise content. We also will protect your site from people wanting to cause havoc and provide regular backups to your Google Drive.

For others the time and effort is too much and they prefer getting someone else to do it. We get convincing results. So in our Boost package we take on the additional responsibility of creating the content for you. If you have an already developed website we will slowly update your content to meet the SEO criteria and provide fresh content suited to your target market. We essentially become your SEO managers. We will also integrate this with the Search engine marketing package (SEM) which unitises Google Ads and Social media traffic to drive people to your website. This is our most popular package.

At the maintenance level every client at The Online Marketer gets free membership to the Online Marketers Club where you get access to online training on:

SEO packages

In addition The Online Marketer will look after the security on your website. We will update your theme as new themes are releases and update your websites plugins. We will monitor that your site is up and take action if it goes down.

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Support Package



  • Training club membership
  • Site map submission
  • Theme updates
  • Premium SEO Support Plugin
  • Anti brute force attack software
  • Content research
  • Monthly progress reports
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Most popular

Boost package


4 950

/ month

  • Maintenance Package plus
  • Create SEO Plan and tasks
  • Implement Content Plan
  • Edit content pages and SEO
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Accelerate package


9 550

/ month

  • Boost Package plus
  • Online Public Relations
  • Social media Interaction
  • Implement Schema
  • Advanced reporting

Planning your SEO tasks is the secret to success

Brute force attacks are simply when people try to gain access to the backend of your website so that they can add trojans or other software. A brute force attack is when people set software to try guess your passwords. We take a number of actions to reduce the likelihood of success. And then adding some additional software to you site to detect brute force attacks is useful because this software locks them out from visiting your site for a period of time.

Landing Pages are pages designed to responding to existing searches on the web. For instance if you sold shirts it would be good to know that more people search for the term T Shirts than for short sleeve shirts. Creating a landing page entitled T-Shirts for sale would be a better idea than creating a landing page for “short sleeved shirts.

SEO Software is a special type of software that guides you when adding pages and posts. It suggests ways that you can change your content to get better search engine rankings

Content plans are important for you to know what to add to your website and how often to add it. Search engines prefer sites which are relevant and up to date. But for the uninitiated that can mean that you add content that competes with existing content and thereby you inadvertently reduce the effectiveness of your content. Getting content right is important. 

Schema refers to a particular format different types of content need in order to be recognised by search engines.  This is often best left to the specialists to implement. Correctly applied to your content you stand a better chance of being recognised by search engines.

Good search engine rankings imply that Google and other search engines believe that your content is worthy of being displayed when people search for related content.

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