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Pay Per Click AdvertisingOnline advertising allows you to get instant traffic to your website, driving new business immediately. The Online Marketer can develop an online advertising campaign that is suited to your budget. You decide how much to spend online.

What is even better you get statistics so you know exactly how much traffic you get to your site as a result of the campaign. You don’t pay to display your ad. You only pay per click as a result of somebody showing interest. So if it’s R500 or R50 000 a month you want to spend, we have a solution for you.

An online marketing campaign is a great short term solution for new websites or newly optimised sites. It takes a while to build an online reputation and whilst you wait you can send traffic immediately using this method. It’s much cheaper than any other form of advertising and much more effective with measurable results.

The Online Marketer conducts research so that you will know in advance if it will be worthwhile to run a campaign. We monitor the clicks your site gets and can determine how many conversions you receive.

Our service includes research, campaign set up, copywriting for your landing page and copywriting for your adverts so that they convert into sales. A one stop service that allows you to optimise your return on your adspend.

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