Sales Strategies for Online Success

Sales strategies to dominate your niche

It amazes me, that as I consult with clients and ask them what makes them different from their competitors, most of them put it down to service and not to sales strategies. Now let’s not knock service as it is fundamentally important – but lets get real. Everyone strives to offer great service, but it doesn’t differentiate your business  from your competitors at all, or if it does, probably not for long.

Clearly there is a basket of elements that comprise your brand, your uniqueness. However my question to you is “Can you describe the difference in a single sentence or in your slogan?”. Most business’s can’t.

Call it a sales strategy, a unique selling point, or a unique value proposition, the cause that promotes your business or a driving force within your business or whatever you like, the bottom line is that a business who goes through the motions seeking short term gains will never compete with the strategic thinkers that define upfront what makes them different. This is so important for your sales strategy. In fact, if you get it right you don’t have to sell at all.

Ok, so what am I rambling about? When I think about the top tree German marques of motor car I wonder why they have such passionate followers. If truth be told, what is the difference between a Mercedes Benz and a BMW? Can you differ with me when I say  Audi’s are superb? But each marque has passionate followers of the brand. 

I’m going to suggest that the passionate support lies in their slogans. BMW’s “Sheer Driving Pleasure”, Audi’s “Vorsprung durch Technik” and Mercedes Benz’s “The Best or Nothing” identifies the strategic differences between these vehicles. Each of these slogans directs the companies strategic direction, captures the hearts and minds of board members, management, workers and customers. Not one of these companies will develop a product that does not live up to their slogans expectation. The power lies in the slogan.

 So what’s your companies slogan?

What makes you different to your competitors? Does the difference live in your heart, your employees hearts and your customers hearts?

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