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Four Critical Fremium Tools for Remote Work

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How did we every collaborate on proposals, on documents and spreadsheets. Different iterations of the same thing bussing around the office. Now this powerful collaboration suite provides an online solution with everyone you need to have access. It’s a game changer. And you should change your game.
We’ve been building automations within AgileCRM for years. This is the best value CRM on the market. Start with the free version but as you want to enable it’s powerful autoresponders, its WordPress integrations and the myriad of automations and reports to empower your business, it is far and the best the best value CRM on the market.

Manage your production with ClickUp

ClickUp allows you to define workflows and standard operating procedures in templates.  ClickUp is an amazing project management tool for remote teams. You get to define your views. Gantt, Kanban, Agile and more. We have assisted companies to adopt this software for the last 4 years.

Remember Everything with Evernote

We’ve been using evernote since it started. We nearly left when they were upgrading th infrastructure and the application. But thankfully it’s better than ever now. We recommend Evernote for its simplicity and structure. And we love ons new task management features. ideal for small teams but it remembers everything for big teams. We would be lost without it.
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Creative Control

Creative control leads to  better co-operation and communication.  Healthy organisations get to tap into the creativity of the entire team. We have 13 years of experience in building remote teams. Our Academy helps teams connect.
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