Price Increase Web Hosting & Email

18 April 2018

Email is the bain of our lives. Such a necessity and yet such a time waster.At The Online Marketer we have managed to offer you a basic email account as part of your web hosting package since inception but unfortunately that is about to change.

Our upline provider of the hosting service (Rackspace) sold out their hosting division to Liquidweb some six months ago and all our clients were seamlessly transferred across. From our perspective this has been a very good move. Liquidweb offer the very best service to us as a reseller and to you as an end user.

To our knowledge in the last six months we have had less than 10 minutes downtime for all our clients. That’s very much better than their promise of 99% uptime. They are also very proactive in sorting problems for our clients, as seldom as we experience difficulties. And from our perspective they are fast – very fast in delivering your website data to your clients. This is a very important part of your search engine optimisation.
Now let’s get back to emails.
Hackers and spammers across the globe have become very astute at sneaking in all matter of undesirable emails and we as recipients have to deal from time to time with this junk mail. You know the stuff I’m talking about. In addition, as bandwidth and speed has increased we are receiving bigger and bigger files. Your basic 1 Gig account is no longer sufficient to deal with daily mail and Liquidweb have recognised this. With immediate effect they have increased your mail box limit to 20 Meg’s from the old 1Meg limit. They have therefore had to change their email offering as part of our service to you.
So from next month we will be billing at the new rate.
Every basic hosting package will have to go up to R950 per year. This basic hosting package includes one email address. This translates to a mere R79 per month.
For every extra email address you will also be billed an additional R25 per month.
Unfortunately because we are been billed with immediate affect we will be sending you an invoice for the pro-rata difference with effect from 1 May 2018. That means for example if you have three months left on your annual contract we will invoice you for the difference between your new hosting cost less your old cost as applied to the three months.
What are your alternatives.
Life is full of choices and of course you could choose another email service. We recommend GSuite by Google as the gold standard in the industry. We use it ourselves. The cost starts at 4 Euro per email account so our service comes at a substantially lower cost. It is still a solution we would recommend.
You could procure alternative hosting. If you choose to follow this route we will provide your new hosts with FTP access to our servers to download your databases and website. If they require any other access or assistance we charge R500 for that service.
How can you save costs
It may be that we are hosting email addresses for people on your staff that have left the company already. In this case we can deactivate and cancel these inboxes to save you the costs. Please chat to myself if you are unsure which email addresses are still active. It is best to contact me at
We’ve done our best to keep your hosting costs down to a minimum over the last five years and we will continue to do so, but we will not compromise on our service. Uptime and speed are really important to you and we believe that we still offer the most cost effective service.
We look forward to being of service to you.
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