Moving with the times. 2

Moving with the times.

We’ve spoken before about the dramatic increase in the number of people who use mobile devices such as smart phones to access the internet. In South Africa, we lagged behind with this trend until the latter part of 2015. From 2016 onwards the data tells us that a lot more than 50% of Google searches are done via mobile devices.

So what’s the big deal you may ask?

I think the big deal is that people react differently when they are on the go. They don’t have the luxury of copy and paste as they do on their computers. If they do land on your site they firstly need to be able to see your product and service easily and not have to pinch and scrape to get around your site and secondly your calls to action need to be clear and defined.

If you want your target market to call you then they need to be able to do so by clicking on your phone number link and be connected. If they want to email you then they need to open their email browser with a single click.

And of course, if you are using Google Adwords to reach those coveted top three positions on any Google search page (which you should be doing) then you can make use of Google ad extensions.

Here’s a short Google video on how it works.

 Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 6.20.13 PM

To find out more about Google Ad Extensions email to set an appointment.

Here’s to better profits

Have fun and until next time…


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