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What is Marketing Automation and how to smash it

Marketing automation refers to a marketing process that uses dedicated software to automatically process marketing components based on client inputs.  As marketing automation specialists The Online marketer is perfectly placed to assist.

Typically this may mean that a potential client fills in a quote request form or an enquiry form on your company website. The potential client may also have filled in a form on Facebook or given Facebook the instruction to harvest the prospective clients contact details.

As a result of the form being filled in  dedicated software sends out an email to the client with the requested information.

The clients details are added to your companies database and your company will commence a “communication journey” with the prospective client in order to educate them on the value of buying your product or service.

Why would the client fill out the marketing automation form

Clients will only fill out the form if they can get something of value to them. 

Some examples of value would be:

  • A quote request form so that they get a quote for your goods or services.
  • A form to download something valuable like a checklist. What to pack when climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for example.
  • A Form to download a guide or an eBook that contains valuable information that the prospective client will find useful.

This website contains many examples of marketing automation. Fr clients considering an eCommerce store they may visit this page.

Once they fill out the web form a sequence of automated events takes place.

Automation events triggered by filling in web form.

The following events are triggered:

  1. Once the submit button is clicked the website user is directed to a “Thank You Page” which advises them that their quote will be with them shortly.
  2. The Thank you Page has a link to download a free eBook. This eBook explains the concept of Digital first and physically enhanced stores.
  3. The CRM software linked to the form then waits 5 minutes.
  4. After 5 minuets the CRM populates a pre defined eCommerce Store quote template with the web browsers details and sends a quote to the prospective client.
  5. The CRM software then creates a potential deal with the client and marks the probability of success as 10%. We have a 10% success rate in converting sales.
  6. A user of the CRM is notified that a quote request form has been filled in and creates a task for the user to contact the client to follow up on their needs.
  7. A follow up email is scheduled to be sent if the potential client does not open the email. Sometimes people get busy and forget about their requests. 
  8. Follow up emails with extracts of the eBook are sent at weekly intervals in case the potential client has not read the book. These extracts are designed to inform and educate the client on the benefits of an eCommerce store.

So all of this happens without any human intervention at all. 

The quote will have replaceable fields including the name of the potential client and the company name. So the quote appears to be drafted specifically for that client.

And that is a perfect example marketing automation.

Correctly setup and you will have a secretary in the Sky. Your company appears much more efficient and saves tons of time. We know that time is money so this is really the way to go.



Marketing Automation Specialists

As marketing automation specialists we are perfectly placed to advise you on a range of Cr packages to suit your needs.. We have our favourites and for good reasons. 

According to wikipedia as of 25th May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation came into effect, [5] this has had a large impact on the way marketing teams and organizations can manage their consumer data. Any organization using marketing automation tracking is required to ask consent from the consumer as well as provide transparency on how the data will be processed.

The Online Marketer takes care of these provisions on all sites installed after June 2020.


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