Malware Threats

Nearly one million new malware threats are released every day

Malware, short for malicious software, is used to gather sensitive data, gain unauthorized access to websites and even hijack computers. There are a variety of ways a cybercriminal can use malware to infect your website. Not to mention all of the different malware types and purposes. Not only can malware harm your website but it can harm your visitors, too.

Despite The Online Marketer taking every precaution to prevent malware attacks, the frequency and ingenuity of these attacks results in some of the sites we host getting infected.

We have found that the access to these has been gained either by a plugin to the site or a password vulnerability issue. These cybercriminals have powerful software engines that mine passwords to gain access. In all of these cases, it appears that these criminals then add hidden redirected pages to other sites which definitely have vulnerabilities. The purpose appears to be to fool Google into believing that their sites have greater reputations than they do.

Because of this trend we recommend that you do the following immediately:

1. Change the password to access your website and make it really difficult to decode the password.
2. Let us install a specialised plugin that alerts us when someone is trying to gain access by using specialised password detection software.

The cost of doing this is small. A mere R350 and we will do it for you within 24 hrs.

All you need to do is reply to this email to tell us to go ahead.

This is a lot less than the R2000 to R3000 bill you can expect to try to clean up after a malware attack.

We hope you understand the urgency of this action and that you take the steps to protect your site.

We want to be there for you all the way.

Let’s connect.

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