Lyoness Merchant Support

Loyalty programmes – using them effectively.

The Online Marketer is a Cash Back Merchant on the Lyoness Loyalty Merchant Programme.

The Online Marketer offers business support for online marketing, business processes involving relationship building, including loyalty programmes through the triple actions of Strategy, Training and Implementation.

Lyoness Merchant Support

Mike Hendrikse, the founder of The Online Marketer, is an Accredited Independant Lyoness Merchant Marketer and brings his considerable skills in both retail and content marketing to a support programme for cash back merchants.

Mike has a successful retail background and has attended the University Of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business Strategic Retail Management Programme.

It is one thing to have the tools, but quite another to implement the system to benefit you and to grasp the concepts behind customer retention that the Cashback programme offers.

The advice Mike offers is not part of the official Lyoness Programme, but draws on his vast experience and education in the retail sector to allow you to use the Solution Pack effectively to gain new customers and to retain existing clients.

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