Loyalty Solutions

The power of a loyalty programme is in its use.

Do you use yours effectively?


Are you understanding your customer behaviour?

  • How many of my clients who have spent R500 or more with me in the last year haven’t visited my store in the last 3 months?
  • Do I know why?
  • Are clients finding the products and services in my store that they expect to find?
  • How often are my top 50 clients shopping in my store?
  • Who are my top 50 clients?
  • What are these top 50 clients shopping habits?
  • Who are my most frequent clients?
  • Women clients behave differently? Which days or times do they most often shop?
  • How far do my clients travel to get to my store?
  • How many people have shopped on the Lyoness program that have been referred by the system?

What are you telling your clients?

  • Are you creating shopping point deals for your clients each month?
  • Are you advertising in Lyoness’s free shopping guide each month?
  • Have you created a specific website banner and submitted it this month?
  • Are you sending out a monthly newsletter on the system and promoting your products and services?
  • Are you asking your clients to download the Lyoness App to encourage them to shop elsewhere in your newsletter?
  • Are you encouraging your clients to shop at other CashBack merchants so that you can earn off their purchases elsewhere?

Do you have the skills or time to use your loyalty programme effectively?

The Online Marketer can help.

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