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Let's Connect Digital Business Card

The Online Marketer brings you beautiful the Let’s Connect – Digital Business Cards. Transform the way you connect and build relationships with future and present clients.

To make a great first impression. Swipe your card on any mobile phone and a link opens with your contact details.


When taking business cards from people I eventually dump them into the bin which I euphemistically call file 13. In todays fast paced world I’ve always said business cards are a waste of time. It’s far better to get the persons email address and pop them a pre formatted mail to properly introduce yourself. 

With the Let’s Connect – digital business cards this process has become even easier. This revolutionary digital business card is programmed with your contact details and these details are automatically transferred with a swipe close to the recipients mobile phone.

Pass the card over the contacts mobile phone and your contact details and whatever else you have programmed onto the card is automatically transferred to your contacts address book. 

In one swipe you’ve improved efficiency and created a real contact with someone you want to develop a relationship with. 


Of course you can use this technology to initiate an automated email to the contact to remind them or thank them for your meeting, send additional info and even remind yourself to make a follow up. 

Automated processes make you more efficient, better liked and very much more likely to develop lasting relationships.

Why change to digital business cards?

  1. No costly printing of business cards.
  2. Your details are added to clients mobile phone contacts with just a swipe.
  3. No contact contact – Pandemic safe.
  4. Stylish and elegant metal Let’s Connect card fits in your wallet.
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