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Our goal with lead generation is to create a system that generates cost effective leads that will flow to your business.

But it is more than that.

We want to build a sustainable flow of profitable leads. We want you to be able to measure the impact we have.

However you need to do things as well.

You can take the horse to water but you cannot make it drink.

And that’s how it is with business leads. So we have systems to convert the leads to actual business. And then we have automated systems to make sure you retain interest for repeat business.

The best clients we have adopt our systems and embrace the opportunity. We truly make it easy to do that.

It almost sounds unbelievable but it is super effective.

It’s powerful but it takes time to put together. Once it’s operational it is easy to adjust. Easy to add fuel to excellerate the flow of leads and relatively easy to back off when the leads become overwhelming and cause problems for your business capacity.

Some types of business just do not fit in with our model. We will be upfront about that.

And because we have developed this system over time and have put huge effort into building it we charge a monthly retainer for our services.

Typically our service appeals to companies who spend $4000 a month or more. In our home country of South Africa we say the threshold is about R30 000 a month.

But all you need to do is commit to a half hour telephone or skype call and it will become clear if we are a fit.

We would love to engage with you to make that call.

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