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Lead Generation

Your “online shop front” should be an evergreen lead generation machine.

Lead generation is a process

In a digital first but physically enhanced business economy the core of your digital or online presence is your website.

But there are many other components required to create a successful lead generating machine.

But first one needs to consider if it’s worth creating this lead generating machine?

Is it worth building a lead generating machine?

Have you ever determined the lifetime value of your clients? 

Think, how often you sell to each of your clients. If you add up the value of your clients spend with you over 1 year, 5 years and even 20 years I’m sure you will be shocked at the value of each client.

This calculation will tell you if it’s worth building a once off lead generation machine.

“A lead generating infrastructure delivers leads over and over again – It’s an evergreen machine”


The Essential Elements of an Evergreen Lead Generating Machine

  1. A website to showcase your products and or services.
  2. A landing page is a specific page on your website designed to satisfy a consumer need. You can have many on your website.
  3. A lead magnet is something to entice your target market to sign up for more information. It can be a guide, an eBook or a specific pice of software to solve a clients problem.
  4. An autoresponder system  allows you to automatically communicate with your prospects with a view to educating them about your offer.
  5. It must be simple to action. Like a secretary in the sky.

At The Online Marketer we believe in marketing processes.  A machine like this is consistent and operates in the background. Like a secretary in the sky.

 And that’s our driving force at The Online Marketer.

We look forward to assisting you to build your lead generating machine.

Our lead generating approach delivers consistent results time and again.


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Lead Generation
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Digitally First But Physically Enhanced

The swing to digital businesses should be supported by a physical presence. Even if that physical presence takes a new form.

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