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At The Online Marketer we specialise in helping clients create evergreen ways of getting new business leads. Lead generation is key to ensuring a constant supply of new business. Our formulae is simple and effective. Sure it takes some effort to set up but once it’s setup it just continues to deliver.

Does that interest you?

If you are tired of throwing money away at the next best thing in order to get more business leads, and if you are tired of throwing marketing money down a big black hole then content marketing may be just the solution for you.

You know that people prefer dealing with people with whom they have a relationship with. Someone they know they can call. Someone who they know is knowledgeable and on top of their game. But sometimes you need something and you don’t know who to procure it from. So what do we do?

We Google it.

And then we find the information or supplier we need. Sometimes though we need to know a little more. So when we stumble on the site that matches some of the answers sought we are happy to sign up for some additional information by adding our email address and name to an online form. The system we build delivers the information to your email box.

We have the opportunity to digest this information and make a better decision. We may not make that decision immediately. So in a few days when we get another email from that supplier with some more valuable information we start trusting them as being knowledgeable in the area in which we had an interest. Further emails follow and when it’s time to make the decision we go with the people who have earned our trust.

That’s called content marketing.

Email marketing lead generation

So here are some practical examples.

Someone Googles ‘holidays in East London’ and they land up on a guest house’s webpage that offers a free guide called “50 Fabulous reasons to include East London on your travel itinerary”.

Someone Googles for solar geysers and lands on a website with a form to be filled in, in order to receive “The definitive guide to how much electricity can be saved by installing a solar geyser”.

Someone Googles for fresh ground coffee outlets and lands on a website that offers a guide called “All you need to know about coffee types and how to choose the best one for your palette”.

In each of the examples above, the person arriving at the website will gladly add their name and email address to receive these guides. Once they do that they have placed themselves on the businesses database.

As the business owner you now have a business lead. You can call them or email them to discuss their needs. This happens overtime someone Googles the product or service you are offering. It’s magic.

PLUS you can continue to communicate with these leads using either newsletters or pre timed automated responses. In effect, you get a secretary in the sky that does your sales work for you.

Now that’s the advantage of an evergreen automated content marketing strategy.

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Setting up a content marketing system for your business is the most cost effective way of generating a continuous stream of business leads.

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