Is Twitter Losing Relevence? 2

Is Twitter Losing Relevence?

Is Twitter Losing Relevence? 3A few days back whilst winding down for the day, I took a quick look at my Twitter feed on Flipboard and discovered a tweet from  Amanda Sevasti ‏@AmandaSevasti who tweeted that there are now 2,435,528 Twitter users in South Africa – that number has doubled since last year. (Sept 2012).

So, if you believe that Twitter is irrelevant in your market, think again. 

In the same Twitter trends, I found a local session of the “Dispatch Dialogues”, a community interaction project held by East London based newspaper, The Daily Dispatch, was trending on Twitter.

Wow … local relevance.

So in a nutshell, whichever way you look at it, social media is gaining popularity and influence. Twitter is part of a group of new communications tools that people are using on a daily basis in South Africa and internationally.

As a business person you need to be aware that people are using new tools to communicate.

I know it’s scary to think we may have to participate, but do we have a choice. If our customers are ditching print media in favor of electronic media as a source of information we have to make the transformation and of course when we do, we need to do it properly.

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge” – Stephen Hawking
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