4th Generation iPad Launched Amongst Controversy 2

4th Generation iPad Launched Amongst Controversy

Apple launched the iPad Mini yesterday and simultaneously upgraded the third generation iPad to a fourth generation model and the internet has gone wild. Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks have been agog with negative comments by third generation owners who have to face up to the fact that they don’t have the latest model.


4th Generation iPad Launched Amongst Controversy 3

Of course, upgrading was the right thing for Apple to do. Firstly the A6X chip was available (doubling speed), upgrading the LTE networks was also important and most especially the fourth generation iPad allows for the change to Apples new Lightning connector.

Buyers of the iPhone5 would want any new devices they buy to have the same connectors. 

As far as the iPad mini goes, the specifications are more or less the same as the iPad 2 with the exception of it’s 7,9 inch screen which gives the iPad mini a size advantage over it’s competitors. The camera functionality is also much better than competitors and it has two major advantages in it’s cellular data capability (some models) and the amazing array of apps available for the devices in the App store. Prices and availability for South Africa are unknown at this time.

Amazingly it took two and a half years to sell 100 million iPads which is amazing when you consider that it took four and a half years to sell that many iPhones.

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