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We forget that the internet is so new. Change in online marketing

In 2008 Facebook didn’t exist and there were only 35 000 internet searches per month on Google. Now there are over a billion searches every day.

The internet has changed our world. It has changed the way we communicate and it has provided new ways of selling our goods and services.

Businesses are slow to adapt to changes brought about by the internet.

We already know from research that the internet captures about 37% of our media attention. That is a huge amount more than the 6% attributed to print media.

But in 2013 we, collectively as business, spent 23% of our adspend on print media and only 12% of our total adspend on the internet.

So, as Businesses, we are being left behind with this change. We haven’t responded to these changes and yet we wonder why we are not getting good value for our advertising.

South Africa is not the leading nation in Africa when it comes to the internet.


  • 21,273,738 Internet users on Dec 31, 2013, 47.3% of the population, per CCK.
  • 2,045,900 Facebook users on Dec 31/12, 4.8% penetration rate.
  • 6.72 Mbps Broadband download speed on March, 2014, per Net Index

South Africa

  • 8,500,000 Internet users Dec/12, 17.4% of the population, per WWW.
  • 6,269,600 Facebook subscribers on Dec 31/12, 12.8% penetration rate.
  • 5.08 Mbps Broadband download speed on March, 2014, per Net Index

So did you know that a greater percentage of Kenyans versus South Africans access the internet?

South Africa may be behind our brothers in Kenya, but we will catch up. The perception that most Africans are behind the rest of the world is fast being proved wrong. Africa has certain infrastructural challenges, but things are changing. Vodacom launched a smart phone in August 2014 that costs a mere R549. More and more of Africa will connect as a result of these changes.

People in Africa are already looking for the types of goods and services you sell online. These are people in the cities and in rural areas. They are looking for solutions on their mobile devices.

If South Africans are not finding you on the internet, you can bet that they are finding your opposition. New players are jumping into the market and stealing market share from you just because you haven’t moved with the times.

So, what’s to be done?

To be effective on the internet you need to understand the rules of the game.

Knowing the solutions to these changes can revolutionise your business.

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