How do you shape up with your online marketing efforts? 2

How do you shape up with your online marketing efforts?

I work with many small and medium sized business people. These people are really the foot soldiers of the economy. Each and every one of them has a huge amount of responsibility and most multitask between various roles. They are not masters of all trades however and most are pretty suspicious of snake oil salesmen.

But like most people, they make decisions based on gut feel or emotion.

When it comes to promoting or advertising their businesses they generally make mistakes.

I’ve seen business men and women that I admire make foolish decisions based on the fact that they like the person selling them the product.

So before you succumb to the next pitch, think for a moment who your customer is and where will they find you?

Will your client Google for your type of service?

If so, what term will they most probably type into the search engine?

So if you have a plumbing business called Dripstop will your potential client type in Dripstop? They may if they know about you.

They are more likely to type in “Plumber” and possibly the town name, so if you are in Johannesburg you may type in “Plumber Johannesburg”.

Here’s a test to see how you are doing. If you were to advertise in the Yellow Pages, under which heading would you advertise?

Now go don a search on Google for that heading.

Do you appear on the front page of Google search results?

If not you need my help. Pop us an email and we can show you how.


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