Google Recommends Responsive Web Design

We all know how important Google is for our online success.

In 2013 Google reported that they have over 100 billion search queries a month. That makes Google at least eight times bigger than any other search engine running. They absolutely dominate the market of search.

So when Google makes a recommendation, we should sit up and listen.

Google recommends responsive web design. What does responsive design mean? Let me try to explain.

Your website could be viewed on many different devices. Your home computer for example, your laptop, on a iPad or a smart phone. Now each of these devices have different sized screens and if your website has a responsive design then it will change the way it displays to suit each of these devices.

So, in short, it means that if your website is a responsive design, that your website will scale to fit the various different devices that people use when accessing your site.

At The Online Marketer we only build responsive designs so that your clients will only see the best side of your website no matter what device they are using.

So if you need a website that works then give us a shout and let us help create a responsive web design for your website today.


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