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Customers Google the services they want.

More people use the internet to find products and services, than they would look in the Yellow Pages. That’s a fact. The way we use the internet has changed and with new Android and Apple devices that we use to connect are using information in different ways.

To get valuable business leads, you need to be featured on Google Places and have a search engine optimised website.

The Online Marketer’s chief web developer recently relocated from Cape Town South Africa to East London, his home town. Of course he Googled “furniture removal companies” to see what his options were in terms of removal companies. He called me to say that one of East London’s oldest and most well known companies did not feature in a Google search. I was gobsmacked.

I took a look in the Yellow Pages and sure enough they were spending about R4000.00 ($480 US) a month for a display ad in this publication. I eventually found their website by typing in their name. It was clearly developed years ago and was pretty useless at getting business leads. So why would a well known company with national footprint spend R48 000.00 ($5800 US) a year in a medium that is used less and less each year and spend nothing in the online environment where they could get actual business leads and know exactly how many they were getting.

They tell me it is because their opposition are doing it.

This is what they should be doing.

  1. Get a Google Places listing, which will list them at their points of contact.
  2. Create an SEO website which will deliver results in the search engine results pages (SERPS).
  3. Spend R1 000.00 ($120) a month on a pay per click advertising campaign.

So, how do these approaches compare?

Current strategy costs R48 000 ($5 800) each year and will escalate at rate of inflation. The new strategy with all the bells and whistles would cost R 26 000.00 ($3 150) for setup, research and ad spend in the first twelve months and deliver measurable leads to their business. In their second year this will drop to R12 000.00 ($1 450)

This equals a savings of R36 000 ($4 350) a year or R432 000 ($52 000) over five years.

The facts speak for themselves.

If you don’t believe me…

Here is the number of people looking for furniture removals in South Africa each month by using their desktop or laptop computers.

These 6600 qualified leads are being turned away each month by this company. There’s even an additional 900 people per month looking for the same information by accessing the internet via mobile devices such as cellphones and iPads.

Changes have taken place in the way people look for service providers. This change is as a result of the internet age that we live in.

For those companies that do not adapt to these changes, they may have a very uncomfortable time ahead when their leads disappear and their business’s face difficult times.

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