Facebook changes affect engagement

You may think that if you “like” a page that Facebook will add the pages feed to your Newsfeed. Think again!

In an effort to boost revenue, Facebook is only sending the feed to about 7% of the people who like the page. If you want the feed to go to more than 7% of the people who like your page you need to pay Facebook money. That’s pretty awful if you are a page owner.

So if you know the people who want to receive your posts in their Newsfeed, you can ask them to to the following:

Hit the * next to the like button and select “Add to Interest Lists”.

The Facebook Page for East London SA

That will draw the page into your Newsfeed. It’s a tough job to ask all your followers…

Seems we have been spoilt by having our posts automatically flow into our followers feeds.

So it remains a judgment call as to whether or not it is worthwhile to continue to spend time and effort to build a Facebook page with a view to direct people to your website.

Whilst this is on top of my mind, don’t you want to like The Online Marketers Facebook page now? Oh and don’t forget to add it to your “Interests Lists”

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