Facebook changes could harm your business

Facebook has recently announced that it could look very different by 2020. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has warned investors that Facebook will be transitioning away from their Newsfeed to other initiatives such as stories, dating and marketplace in an effort to boost revenue.

Stories will be made up of video content which will expire after a short time frame. The market place section will get greater emphasis and a new focus on private messaging also gets to enjoy more prominence. Primarily this move has been sparked by the slowing growth of Facebook.

The slowing growth (10% in the last year) is not so much as a result of the lack of popularity but more as a result of the global saturation of the service. The states and Europe are basically saturated and with China’s prohibition on Facebook there doesn’t seem to be too many more eligible people in the world to sign up.

So Facebook has had to look at new ways in which they can grow their advertising platform within their suite of services which include WhatsApp and Instagram.

All of which is very interesting. 

It also ties in with what we have been preaching at The Online Marketer, and that is you should not be basing your web presence on any other platform than your own. Yes Facebook has a big role to play in driving traffic to your business but if you base your online presence entirely on Facebook you could be caught unawares when they institute fundamental changes to the platform.

At The Online Marketer we believe that your ultimate aim with online marketing should be focussed on building a database of clients and potential clients that you can communicate directly with. Nobody can take that away from you.
Yes by all means use Facebook advertising, Google Adwords and SEO to drive traffic to your own website but please please use it as an opportunity to get the persons name and address.

The way to do that is to use an ethical bribe.

An ethical bribe is when you exchange something of value for the persons name and email address. You need to offer something or many things of such great value that the person is prepared to give up their information in exchange for that valuable item and some further information.

That is the way to market effectively online.

Here are some great examples. 

HouseCheck, a client, and property inspection company has a 10 year maintenance plan they wish to market to body corporate trustees. Their ethical bribe is an eBook entitled “Sectional Title Living – the Pain and the Pleasure”. 

Ideal Butchery offers a weekly email of their specials. In each weeks email there is also a price comparison with other supermarkets, a YouTube video on how to cook a specific cut of meat and some suggestions on how to beat their cues in their shop. 

Le Chouettes, The French Country Cottage offers a guide to fun in the area which includes information on local villages (including distances from their property), a list of the local markets. Suggestions for local tourist attractions and the rather large selection of eateries in the vicinity.

All three of these clients have the foundation in place to harvest valuable potential customer information and to have the ability to communicate with them with further valuable information.

This is the secret to long term success with internet marketing.

Let’s discuss ways of beating the recession in 2019 by harnessing the power of Internet marketing for your business.

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