Trust and proximity

Proximity breeds trust. The more people trust you the more that are prepared to deal with you. But in the online world it’s difficult to interact with a lot of people at once. In addition it takes time to build relationships. So heres a little help.

  •      Set yourself up as a guru in your industry.
  •      Automate your relationships to a degree that engender trust and broaden your relationship with your clients.
  •      Provide two way communication opportunities.
  •      Drive to sale.

Let us show you how

Set yourself up as a guru in your industry

Do you want to be the “go to guy” in your industry? If the news media want a comment then who do they call first? The beauty of the internet is that this is possible to achieve by anyone.

But you need to position yourself as the GURU. You can do this by:

  •      Authoring a guide.
  •      Writing press releases on topical subjects and distributing them to authors around the country.
  •      Setting up an automated newsletter to deliver bite sized snippets of information to your target audience.

We offer GURU publicity packages tailored for your industry.

Automate relationships

It’s practically impossible to sustain positive relationships with more than 15 people. Think about it for a moment. If you are not calling and someone else is then who will be “top of mind” with your potential client. Proximity engenders trust and in order to build that trust you need to regularly engage with your target market. Let them know what additional services you offer, what promotions you have, tips for being more efficient in your industry etc. Providing useful information that your target market wants and sometimes slipping in stuff they need to know is a great way to enhance your guru status.

This can all be done with an auto responder. At The Online Marketer we use them extensively. We have autoresponders for people enquiring about different services. We send out weekly emails to stimulate our potential clients for a whole year.

What are you doing to engage with your clients?

We also are clever with the way we set up these autoresponders for our clients. Not only can you pre populate material but you can also send out broadcast messages to your entire database.

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