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eCommerce stores lead the digital first enhanced by physically presence business model

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Digital first enhanced by physically presence businesses thrive

eCommerce stores offer businesses many advantages over conventional retailers.

Elon Musk, Jack Ma and Jeff Bezos have all had their fortunes seriously increased in the Covid Crisis. Their fortunes propelled them ahead of the pack leaving the likes of Warren Beatty and Bill Gates in the dust. The first three found themselves at the forefront of the swing to online eCommerce stores whilst the others subscribed to older business models.

The eCommerce trend is expanding rapidly. Fortunes are there to be made and new software allows online businesses to extend  a digital presence to one that is enhanced physically.

Amazon started as a pure eCommerce store but now Amazon owns a string of whole foods stores and has even opened book stores. Elon Musk sold Tesla’s online but now has show rooms where people ca feel and touch hs products. Both business models led with eCommerce stores but they are now enhanced with physical presences.

For those that adopt this digital first and physically enhanced model an exciting opportunity awaits. This will be the  biggest business model trend this decade.

We’ve written a book on the concept and we would be glad to share this with you. 

Converting to a digital first business model is daunting

The biggest challenge with converting to a digital first business model is a mental one. A Hankering after the way things used to be. By this I refer to the “good old days” which was how we did business pre Feb 2020. The world has changed forever and we need to adapt our business plans.

Invest in a bit of time to read about this new trend and to find out how cheap it is to open a whole new digital first business.

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