Using Evernote and Filterize to Implement GTD

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Free your mind

Reduce overwhelm to become a better and more productive person.

By implementing GTD with Evernote Business and Filterize

So what will you find in this course:

  1. I detail my own setup of Evernote Business and Filterize for GTD.
  2. I will share with you actual copies of the Evernote Templates I use for projects, next Actions and more.
  3. I will introduce you to Filterize.
  4. I will show you the genius of using Filterize to transform and file your next action notes.
  5. I will show you how to create Dashboards of projects and next actions in the various context’s as defined by GTD.
  6. I will show you a great way to decide which next actions should be done immediately, which should be delegated and which should be set aside for review.
  7. I will show you the power of Filterize to act as a personal assistant to file and organise your next actions.
  8. I will share my process of effective delegation to co workers, sub contractors and virtual assistants.
  9. I will show you how I have been able to step back from my daily grind to see the bigger picture, to retain balance in my life and to be more effective and productive.

Above all I will show you how I have cleared my mind to be an overall more effective and productive person.

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