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Copywriting for websites is unique

Copywriting for online marketers

Copywriting for websites is somewhat different to copywriting for anything else. When you do copywriting for a website you expect search engines to identify what it is your trying to promote,

So it isn’t just getting your message across and driving people to take action, it s also the ability to structure your copy so that the search engines understand what it is you are promoting.

Great copywriting responds to search volumes

Just knowing what to call your page is important when it comes to website copy. It doesn’t help much creating copy for something that isn’t in demand. For instance writing about short sleeves shirts in the South African context will compete for the 25 odd searches for this term each month whilst if you were writing about T-Shirts you would be competing for the 25 000 searches for this term each month.

Understanding this allows us to get many more visitors to your site each day. And thats just one trick expert copywriters know.

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