Are you relevant?

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Is your business still relevant

  1. Remember Betamax and VHS? 
  2. Gosh, you may not even have DVDs anymore.
  3. When last did you go to the post office?
  4. When last did you use a pay phone lately?
  5. When last did you consult your telephone book recently?

Irrelevance is the biggest threat to your business!

Times change and the way we communicate has changed. If we carry on promoting our businesses in the same way then we become irrelevant.

“Print advertising is mostly a waste of money, it certainly isn’t measurable and you may be throwing away your money. Money spent on search engines and Facebook if optimised correctly can give a really good return.” 

Mike Hendrikse

Essentially the modern way of online marketing is to have a website linked to social media platforms where you attract customers and then you give customers great value with free content and advice. This is the basis of building relationships so that customers support you because they want to.

This client has a great website, a video channel, a Facebook Page and their customers engage with them all the time. 
This is the modern way of promotion. It costs a bit to setup and do properly and consistently, but then it is an evergreen channel of business leads.

“Your value lies in your client database” 

Mike Hendrikse

It’s a mindset change.
Don’t be irrelevant.
Be relevant.

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