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Are you still relevant?

Is your business still relevant?

Times have changed. Consider this.

Remember Betamax and VHS?
Do you still use DVDs or CD’s?.
When last did you visit the post office?
When last did you use a pay phone?
When last did you consult your telephone book?

Irrelevance is the biggest threat to your business!

If we carry on promoting our businesses in the same way we always have then others will become better at it than us. We will eventually become irrelevant.

"Knowing you get x number of leads from Rx spent changes the marketing game"
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Mike Hendrikse
Founder | The Online Marketer

Your website should be a tool for capturing leads for your business. 

The buying process is your friend to developing relationships and putting money in the bank.

Promoting yourself online.

Targeted promotions to the type of people who are most likely going to buy your types of products and services are easily created, adjusted and encouraged.

New marketing approaches are needed

The image below of Kirsten Mac Ewan filming chef  Siya Qamrha making roasted lambs neck as a promotion for Ideal Butchery shows how collaboration between industries and businesses can benefit them all.

Nothing fancy. A studio light, an iPhone and some editing software and the job was done.


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Digitally First - Physically Enhanced

The Online Business Model has moved from an adjunct to the Physical Business Presence to being the main act. Transitioning has been fraught with difficulty but terribly exciting. Successful transients area alive with possibilities…

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