Top 14 Apps for Business 2

Top 14 Apps for Business

So what apps add value to your life?

Here’s my top 14 list with a little context.




Firstly I don’t believe in paper. I try as far as possible to eradicate paper, paper takes up space, takes time to file and is a pain to retrieve easily. So I use an amazing program called Evernote to assist me in this quest.  If I need to proof read something I generally email or sync the document to myself and view it on my iPad whilst making corrections on my laptop. Any document saved into Evernote is available on all your devices, laptop, mobile phone and tablet. You can also login to a remote computer and access your documents. Download it here. To properly implement Evernote I have selected a few apps with integrate with this amazing application.



Of course, to eliminate paper I also need to convert all paper based documents to electronic documents. To do this I use an amazing app called Scannable on my iPhone, which quickly scans documents, business cards and other documents, and allows me to either save to Evernote or to email to someone.
I subscribe to the views of David Allen and the GTD process in terms of my personal productivity.  I use Evernote to implement GTD (Getting Things Done). Evernote is an awesome programme but for those opening it for the first time it can be a bit daunting by its simplicity. So to implement GTD one can choose   a variation of tags and notebooks to fit in with David Allens guidelines. Download Scannable here.

Spark for Email

Email can be a pain and an absolute time waster in most of our lives. Spark by Readle has changed my email blues dramatically. Spark’s smart box allows one to respond to urgent emails and keeps your newsletters and spam separate. It’s very accurate and an absolute please to work with. Out the box it’s brilliant but it has a whole lot of customisable options available. It’s one of the few email apps on iPhone that allows for HTML signatures and my iPhone is now my preferred device for handling mail.
Spark integrates with Evernote, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and iCloud Drive allowing you to quickly save documents into your favorite repository. Spark is driven by swipe gestures allowing one to archive, delete, pin or snooze until later actionable items. Spark has revolutionised my life and given me back many productive hours. I like email again. I direct all my email accounts to this app such as Gmail, iCloud and Imap. Download Spark here.



Trello is another amazing app. We use it at The Online Marketer to track project progress with our team. We use Agile Scrum methodology with our projects and Trello is a way our clients get an insight into our work processes. It makes them feel part of the team and generally gives them a feeling of control. This transparency with our clients was a bit scary for us initially, but it’s something that is definitely benefitting both parties. Download it here.



Slack is a great way to talk with remote teams. It provides a platform that holds all your information and conversations together. And Slack integrates with Trello so you get notified on progress in your Trello projects as well. Download Slack here.



This is an automated personal assistant that takes care of many daily tasks for you, like taking confirmation emails from airlines, and adds them to your diary automatically, posts happy birthday messages onto Facebook for those friends who celebrate birthdays etc. EasilyDo identifies duplicate contacts in your database and asks your permissions to merge them when appropriate. Download it here.


Calendars by Readdle

The best calendar app by far. It allows input in natural language as “appointment with Suzy Smith next Tuesday at 10 AM at Angela’s Coffee Shop”. It has awesome views for day, week and month as well as turning your diary into a list format for the day. Calendars integrates with tasks as well. A must have. Download it here.



For communicating across platforms –  this has become a standard for most phones. Download it here.



Facebook is great for capturing newsfeeds (try liking your favourite news sources), keeping in touch with family and friends and generally having other people redact the news for you. A warning here. I’ve turned off my notifications and only open the app twice a day. Otherwise it is an attention sucker. Download it here.



LinkedIn is a really underrated app that is very useful for business leads, especially if you make the trouble to engage. Download it here.



Is my browser of choice on my phone and iPad as well as my laptop, as I enjoy the ability to cross reference what I’m busy with. Download it here.


Google Maps

I simply cannot live without this app. For where I stay, it is still superior to the Apple map offering. Download it here.



Expensify is a super cool app that allows me to keep tabs on my expense claims. I snap the receipts on site and the clever app takes care of the rest. Gone are the hours of admin to put together the expense sheets for the accountant. Download it here.



Sellf is an amazing little CRM application that allows one to track business opportunities. Sellf allows you to invite your team members to use the app and it manages the entire teams pipeline. An invaluable asset to any organisations sales team. Download Sellf here.



There are others that I use from time to time such as my banking app, Google Drive, 1Password, Google Photos (which I highly recommend for storing all your photos for free), Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups. I also use a number of exercise related apps. Withings is a current favorite, as are Pushups Free, Squats Pro and Pullups Pro.

What apps do I miss? I’m really looking for a great Log book app that automates my driving log book for my tax return. I’ve tried a number but nothing quite suits what I want. So, if you know of one or there are any more apps that add value to your life then hit me up at and share the joy.
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