An Effective Web Presence

It concerns me that businesses don’t always have an effective web presence and yet they think it’s ok.

Maybe I should define what I think an effective web presence is. At its most basic I think that having an effective online presence means that if someone Googles “purple widgets” and your company sells purple widgets, then your companies website must appear on the front page of Googles search results.

There are other measures of effectiveness but this is the basic requirement.

Now to achieve front page status means you have to do so much more than anyone else who is competing for that position. In some industries you may get away with the basics but in others you may have to compete harder.

Google is by far the most used web browser and it is very important that your business ranks in Google’s results for the stuff you sell and not only for your company name.

Most small businesses don’t get this. I hope you do.

If not, you need to talk to us.

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