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Free plan for up to ten users forever

This CRM is free for up to ten users forever. 

But the day will come when you want to build in marketing automations and that’s when Agile CRM shines.


One of the first things business owners and managers ask themselves when they’re looking to automate their sales process is: “What’s the point of a CRM?”

That’s a reasonable question, and it’s one we asked ourselves before selecting our provider and investing in a solution. But there are a few important things to consider before you begin looking for solutions.

First, what are you trying to accomplish? What sort of automation do you need? When you can answer those questions, you can assess the systems that meet your needs.

We chose our provider because they deliver ease-of-use and functionality at an affordable price. We know we made the right choice because we use the system on a daily basis to help us manage our sales pipeline and forecast.

So if automating your sales process is something you want to explore, take a look at what your options are—and make sure you get one that offers automation, but not at the expense of ease-of-use or functionality!

Comparison between CRM systems

This is why The Online Marketer uses AgileCRM

As you build your lead generating systems the time will come when you need to automate some of your marketing processes. Thats when you need to start paying for the service. AgileCRM offers by far the best value with great functionality.

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